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The Toutoula is like a beautiful ballerina turning a graceful pirouette. With arms stretched out toward the sky, the Toutoula emits rays of navy, magenta, purple, orange, white, black and teal, like a dancer spinning on one pointed toe, spreading joy with each turn.


Toutoula is an 90 year old immigrant from Greece, who came to this country, newly married, and not speaking the language. At a time where only the boys in her country were sent off to university, she came to America raised three wonderful children, and fulfilled her dream of going to college. She cooks amazing meals with love, and showers all who know her with even more love. She is passionate and proud of her children, and grandchildren. At 85, she proudly marched on Washington DC, in the first Women's March, with her two daughters and three granddaughters...confirming to her how far she has come from the ways and beliefs of her tiny little island. I am proud to say, Toutoula is my mother.

The Toutoula


    • Machine wash cold water, with like colors, medium spin, with a phosphate free detergent 
    • Machine dry on low heat
    • Iron inside out, on synthetic setting if necessary
    • May shrink slightly after first wash
  • Luxe Chamois, 100% Polyester          

    Insert content: 100% Down

    Fabric info: 

    • Upholstery grade fabric, durable yet incredibly soft and velvety to the touch. Fabric is rated with an 80,000 double rub count.
    • Backed with a facing that provides the fabric structure and a crisp appearance.


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