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Claire means light. The Claire pillow, with its deep navy blue, bright pink and turquoise, powerfully shoots out a bright tangerine flame, lighting up any room it is in.


Claire is a vibrant young woman who is embarking on the next chapter of her life. Having just graduated college, Claire has aspirations to live in New Yor and work in the fashion industry. Claire has her head in the clouds, but her feet are firmly planted on the ground. She loves her family, her friends, and her two dogs.... Claire is my daughter...and she IS full of light! The Claire and Maggie pillows, with their bold colors, compliment each other beautifully in the same room!

The Claire


    • Machine wash cold water, with like colors, medium spin, with a phosphate free detergent 
    • Machine dry on low heat
    • Iron inside out, on synthetic setting if necessary
    • May shrink slightly after first wash
  • Luxe Chamois, 100% Polyester          

    Insert content: 100% Down

    Fabric info: 

    • Upholstery grade fabric, durable yet incredibly soft and velvety to the touch. Fabric is rated with an 80,000 double rub count.
    • Backed with a facing that provides the fabric structure and a crisp appearance.


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