"Though she be but little, she is fierce."

- Shakespeare

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About Ellen

Ellen Catanzaro is a local artist and textile designer in Historic Kennett Square, PA.  Her artistic style can best be described as "atmospheric abstraction". 

Ellen's art reflects the untamed natural beauty she experienced throughout her life and travels.  Born in the Bronx, NY, to a Greek/American family, Ellen spent her childhood summers in Greece, where the stunning blue sky meets the vast sea, and the golden wheat covered hills are dotted with wildflowers.  She married her college sweetheart, Mike and they made their way to the West Coast..first living at the beaches of Southern California, where the colorful sunsets stole her heart, then in the moody rainy suburbs of Seattle Washington, where the rugged, tumultuous, foggy mornings remain etched in her memory. Mike and Ellen continued their adventures, traveling the world, as Ellen soaked in the all the bold colors and interesting new cultures of each country they visited.

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