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"I see the world around me as layers of color and energy, storms brewing, and whirling swirls. A paintbrush in my hand is a direct connection to my soul. The colors flow through me on to the canvas, and the end result is a very raw expression of myself and a personal interpretation of the world, as I see it. I really have a such a BLAST being creative. Thank you for coming on this journey with me..."



original-hope is just a ray-2_edited.jpg






Buying art is an investment and my sister said, if it brings you joy, then buy it! And Ellen’s painting brings me immense joy, it doesn’t matter what I am doing or how I am feeling, I always stop and look and it brings me joy. Working with Ellen to pick the right painting for my space was so easy, I had a few paintings in mind, so she brought them all to my home and worked with me to display each of them, and I am so pleased with the final look! As I have added to my Ellen collection,” Ellen has brought pictures and prints to my home and we have worked together to make my house a home with my Ellen collection, always spreading joy!

- Ashley

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